Vice President Sales & Marketing

Farmers Branch, TX      Full Time
Job Description

The VPSM will act as the primary architect and executor of ZeMoSo Technologies’ Sales and Marketing strategy as laid down by the CEO, to significantly build and grow ZeMoSo Technologies’ presence in the US. The VPSM will be required to work closely with the CEO to ensure strategizing and execution of policies and programs in order to maximize sales volumes.

• Fully comprehend :
o ZeMoSo’s strategic initiatives in building large data platform solutions and understanding of related technology areas like Machine Learning
o ZeMoSo’s related services and products offerings in this space to facilitate understanding of the role of Sales and Marketing in meeting ZeMoSo’s strategic goals

• Develop the overall Sales and Marketing strategy to achieve targeted sales and profitability levels in US

• Provide the necessary oversight to ensure that this overall strategy gets translated into concrete tactical action plans

• Responsible for building and managing the Sales & Marketing Teams:

o Ensure and demonstrate a full comprehension of the Machine Learning and Big Data Technology areas to successfully sell as well as train relevant reportees
o Ensures that the Sales and Marketing Functions are properly staffed
o Develops overall plan for staffing needs to meet sales and marketing activities envisioned in the company’s strategic and operational plans
o Ensures needed succession and recruiting planning occurs
o Make hiring and firing decisions for sales managers and other sales and marketing personnel
o Identifying sales target and bonus structure of each sales person
o Initial balancing of the workload across the territories and work planning which would involve a focused approach
o Manage personal development plans of all direct reports and define a clear career path
o Ensure availability of the necessary support infrastructure (technology, systems, etc.) to build and support both current and planned sales and marketing activities

• Responsible in ensuring execution of ZeMoSo’s marketing strategies and plans:

o Create/enhance ZeMoSo’s brand awareness
o Understand and then price products and services at levels that provide sufficient revenues to meet profit goals
o Provide the needed promotions/incentives

• Responsible in creating the needed Sales and Marketing culture:

o Develops and implements strategies to provide needed learning and development activities to fill any gaps in existing capabilities
o Compensation, incentive and performance management systems support use of desired behaviors

• Monitor progress against targeted strategic and operational goals, and oversee development and implementation of needed corrective actions

• Identify strategic business partners and negotiate needed contracts with potential prospects

• Responsible in ensuring that ZeMoSo engages in needed market research and market intelligence activities to identify and understand:

o Customer needs and preferences in existing and new markets
o Activities of competitors and needed responses

• Manage the Functions’ operating and capital expenditure budgets

• Act as Company’s spokesperson and effectively represent ZeMoSo at a top level executive capacity

Any Engineering in Computer Science (Graduate OR Post Graduate) OR Equivalent. An additional degree in Business Administration is a plus.

Other Requirements:
• Minimum 8 years in software services and product sales
• Demonstrated capability to propose and execute policies and programs to achieve maximum sales volume for both services and products
• Demonstrated capability in formulating and applying of sales strategy and the sales plan backed up by thorough sales execution skills
• Excellent communication skills